1. idk should I change my primary blog url to my twitter name?? but then I’ll have 2 magcon tumblrs hmmm

  2. asslikeespinosa:

    Taylor and Aaron everybody

  3. hateschoolhatepeople:

    When you hear your fav is dating someone

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  4. tbh I loved it when the tumblr and twitter fandom were at each other bc it was the only time we came together

  6. 5-s-u-s:

    "5sos are only famous cause of one direction"
    “5sos aren’t punk rock”
    “5sos don’t care about their fans”
    “5sos is a boyband”
    “OMG the Asian one is so cute”
    “I don’t like Michael”

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  7. flightstola-tripstoparis:

    I always see people asking who has snapchat and what they are so here’s all the ones I have!
    (I apologise if any of them are fake, I’m know the majority of them are real but I’m unsure on a couple 😊)

    Nash Grier- nashgrier
    Cam Dallas- camerondallas
    Jack Johnson- jaaackjohnson2

  9. avengershood:

    AU:You and Matt are best friends but the boys call you out on your relationship saying that it’s more than what you’re letting on because you and Matt are constantly flirting when you’re together.

    Credit to the gif owners, I just edited the text over.

  10. he is so cute {x}

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